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In the late 90ties some polar dog enthusiasts arranged a long distance race over 300 km. The race was named Technical Trail and the purpose with the arrangement was to offer a race for pure breed polar dogs where the dogs’ original qualities were tested. Start and finish was at Femundtunet in Norway and the trail ran through both Norway and Sweden. This race ended after two years and then some Swedish mushers decided to start a race in Sweden using the same concept. The long distance race POLARDISTANS was born!


The first POLARDISTANS started in March 2001 with start and finish at Mörkrets Fjällgård, a placeabout 30 km west of Särna. There were only a total of 10 competitors in this first race. Winner in pulka style was Annika Karlsson and in nome style Kristin Esseth. Mörkrets Fjällgård was no ideal place for this race and just to mention one thing – Mörkrets Fjällgård was a white spot on the cellphone map. So in 2002 the race was moved to Särna with start and finish at Särna Camping.

Changing the start and finish to Särna gave a number of opportunities to develop the race and the number of competitors slowly increased and in 2009 the race had 46 mushers participating. In 2003 the 150 km race was introduced and this distance was after a few years altered to 160 km and the concept of today, PD 160 and PD 300, was a fact. The 160 distance was thought to be a recruiting class for the PD 300, but very soon it was clear that many mushers preferred the PD160 mostly because they didn’t had the time to train their dogs and themselves for the 300 km distance.


In 2008 a test was made with a 400 km distance. A total of 6 teams were entered, but only one team started and even completed the distance. Therefore the organization decided not to continue with this distance.


2014 was a special year because it was the first time since the start of Polardistans in 2002 that the start and finish had to be moved from Särna. Due to the exceptionally warm weather the weeks before the competitions start, the organizer was forced to make major changes of the trail and therefore the start and finish was moved to Lövnäsvallen. Unfortunately the participants on the Polardistans 300 was forced to run two laps of the same trail.


2016 the Polardistans 300 was WSA's European Championships in long distance and 2017 the Polardistans was WSA's World Championship in long distance.


In this history describing POLARDISTANS I haven’t named anyone of all those who have made the race come true, the volunteers. The reason for this is that I find it hard to mention just a few names, well aware that I surely will miss some. So therefore no one named, no one forgotten. Thank you all!


Lennart Andersson

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