Polardistans is host to the WSA World Championship 2018

Polardistans 2018 is hosting WSA World Championship in long distance for the second year. This means that the WSA World Championships in sprint, medium and long distance will be arranged in Sweden week 10/2018-



No WC-status

PD 160 pulka, 1-4 dogs

PD 160 nome B, 8 dogs

PD 160 nome B, 6 dogs

PD 160 nome C, 8 dogs

PD 160 nome C, 6 dogs


PD 300 pulka 1-4 dogs


PD 300 nome B, 8-12 dogs


PD 300 nome C, 8 dogs


PD 300 nome C, 12 dogs


  • To participate in and compete for the WC title, it is required that the participant is a member of a WSA club, or has a single  individual membership in the WSA. Other participants are welcome to participate in Polardistans 2018, but can not compete for the WC title.
  • Since only 6 dogs have WC status, the PD160 B/C 6-8 will be divided into 6- dogs class and 8- dogs class. If you already are registered in PD160 B/C 6-8, you will be asked which class you want to start in by mail
  • There will be a limited number of contestants with the distribution 72  for PD160 and 48 for PD300. It will have to be at least 5 starting teams to be WC status in a class
  • If the number of notifications exceeds the maximum number, new notifications will be placed in the reservation list, one for each distance (160 km and 300 km) respectively. If any place is vacant, those in the reservation list will be offered a place in Polardistans in the order they stand.

1. Sign up for the class you want to start in
2. We will have to check if your club or you has a single membership at WSA. Then we will send you your WDL number and you can pay the entry fee.
3. You pay your entry fee according to the information in the invitation
4. When we see your payment, we will send a confirmation email that we have received your entry fee and you have a entry in Polardistans 2018

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Särnavägen 106 790 90 Särna Sverige


System RT90
Särna Camping x 6844961 y 1359389


System WGS84 Latitude Longitude
Särna Camping N 61° 41' 34.74" E 13° 8' 51.90" icon-map-marker


Entry with dogs:
Tullverket - Swedish side in EN
Jordbruksverket - Swedish side in EN
Swedish Embassy/London - English site

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BG 5574-8404
IBAN NO: SE58 8000 0836 8398 4336 6932
Enter name, address, telephone number and email address on the payment.

Billing address:
Svenska Polarhundklubben (SPHK)
C/O Paulsson
Nygårdsvägen 114-0
23191 Trelleborg

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