Veterinary Notes for Polardistans 2018

The Chief Veterinarian and the Organizers of Polardistans have decided that the race must complies with EU rules concerning movement of dogs, with Swedish Board of Agriculture regulations and with Swedish Kennel Club rules.

With regard to mandatory and/or suggested vaccinations, considering the actual epidemiological conditions for transmittable dog diseases in Sweden and after discussing with local Veterinarians about the low risk for such diseases during winter time, in the area where Polardistans is held, competitors must be aware that:


  1. Vaccination against rabies is mandatory for alldogs coming from other countries than Sweden and Norway.


Rabies vaccination must have been done after the microchip is implanted; dogs from abroad are allowed to entry in Sweden at least after 21 days of waiting period from the vaccination date.

In case of booster vaccination for Rabies, there is no waiting period, as long as the previous vaccination had not expired when the booster was given.


Dogs presented for registration at Polardistans after the official expiring date of Rabies vaccination (as reported on the EU passport and specified by the manufacturer of the vaccine) will not be allowed to take part to the race.


Note that the administered vaccine should be approved in the country of origin of the dog and it may therefore have different official validity periods and expiring dates in different countries, as reported on each dog’s passport.


For more information see Jordbruksverket Web site (in English) .


  1. Vaccination against Distemper is mandatory for all dogs and is valid, after at least one booster has been done in a 2 to 3 weeks period, until the expiration date of the last booster (as specified by the manufacturer of the vaccine and reported on the EU passport or on the the “Vaccination booklet” issued by a Veterinarian).

The last vaccination for Distemper has to be done at least fourteen (14) days before the race.


  1. Vaccination against Leptospiros is not mandatory, although suggested.


  1. Vaccinations against Parvovirus infection, Canine hepatitis, Parainfluenza and ”Kennel cough” (i.e. against Parainfluenza virus + Bordetella bronchiseptica) are not mandatory although highly recommended.


To avoid problems when passing the Swedish border or at the registration table of Polardistans, competitors are asked to get informations about vaccines validity from their Veterinarian, well in advance before leaving their country !


Competitors must also remember that:


  • All dogs must be ID-marked with a microchip that has to be 15 digit long and ISO 11784/11785 compliant.

If your dog's microchip is not ISO compliant, then you can either bring your own microchip scanner or ask your Veterinarian to give your dog a compliant microchip before the race.

If your dog has 2 microchips, the number and implant dates of both microchips must be documented on the EU passport or on the “Vaccination booklet” issued by a Veterinarian.


  • Dogs that pass the border to enter in Sweden and compete at Polardistans must have a valid EU passport for pets and must be reported to customs.


  • Dogs that were born and always lived in Sweden can have a valid “Vaccination booklet” (issued by a Veterinarian) instead of EU passport.


  • Dogs travelling from an EU-related country which do not issue passports must travel with form E9.207.


  • A tapeworm treatment is not required when entering Sweden from any country, but dogs entering in or returning to Norway after Polardistans must be treated by a Veterinarian within the last 24-120 hours prior to  passing the border and the treatment has to be documented in the EU pet’s passport.


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