Masstart 2019


Polardistans 2019 will change the starting procedure back to "mass start" down on the lake . Each class starts separately. In case of classes with few participants, two or more classes can start together. Drivers will have plenty of time between the starts in order to drive their dogs to the ice, in a safe manner.

At the starting area, there will be posts, frozen solid in the ice, with at least 2 meter intervals, probably more. The driver secures the starting line at the bottom of the post, and uses two anchors. The handler is allowed to hold the dogs before start. The drivers who need a calmer start can wait 1 minute and start after the mass start.

Nordic starts Tuesday, March 5, and sled starts Wednesday, March 6th. First team over the finish line wins, no time equalization. Start time is easy to register in advance in K2.

For safety purposes, there is a "safety scooter" in case a team gets loose or if anything else happens. IFSS Rules, Swedish Translation 14.2 Mass start (page 7)

We will return to the mass start procedure at the driver's meeting

// Anders Hörnlund

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